The Story of Neurogenesis

In this video, I discuss the the concept of neurogenesis and how learning about neurogenesis helped changed my life in many incredible ways and how it can help you as well.

Ascent Nutrition Coffee Documentary

In this documentary, we take a closer look at the manufacturing process behind Ascent Nutrition coffee, and discuss the importance of Mold and Mycotoxin free coffee.

CBD and Pavolvian Fear Conditioning

In this episode of the Keto Kamp Podcast, Founder Ben Azadi interviews Ascent Nutrition CEO Lance Schuttler.

Health, Earthing, Sun gazing and Happiness

Lance Schuttler and Kristen Leigh from Arcana Shores discuss the importance of nature’s healing.

DHA and Omega 3s For Athletes and Sports

Strength Coach Cory Bell and Lance Schuttler discuss the importance of DHA and omega 3 essential fatty acids for athletes, sports performance, recovery, hand-eye-coordination and more.

Strength, Mental Toughness, Integrity and Athletics

Strength and Conditioning Coach Cory Bell and Lance Schuttler discuss Cory's life story and his path to becoming a coach. Cory also explains more of what a "strength coach" really means in his mind.

Peak Brain Performance, Neuroplasticity and THINK Interfaces

Neuroscientist Dr. Lana Morrow and Lance Schuttler discuss THINK Interfaces and the science that supports what THINK does in regards to neurogenesis, neuroplasticity, cognition and the brain.

Pine Needle Tea, Pine Needles, DNA Function and Pine Bark

Dr. Jason Loken and Lance Schuttler discusses white pine needles, pine needle tea, pine bark, pine trees, shikimic acid and more.

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